Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sweet Moments

Michael's newest phrase is my all-time favorite addition to his vocabulary. Now when you ask him if he would like something and he's not in the mood, or doesn't want whatever you are offering, he will say, "I'm fine, Mommy, thank you." He came up with this phrase out of the blue one day when I offered him some more rice at dinner and he didn't want it. After I recovered from nearly dying of cuteness, I decided that all his tantrums and past disobedient behaviors had been instantly erased by this one giant "Awwwwww" moment.

I simply love these little bits of sunshine that stop me in my tracks and cause me to want to squish the living daylights out of his two-year old cheeks. Today I came upon another of these moments when David was using the beaters to whip up dessert and Michael had dragged a chair into the kitchen to help his daddy with the task. Then, after the work was done, David showed Michael the joy of licking the beaters. It was father and son sharing in one sweet, sticky moment of delightful discovery. I would have run for the camera, but as it was I was too busy realizing the meaning of life.

Now Michael is down for a nap, and of course I had to peek in to check on my sleeping "baby". I'm not sure what it is about sleeping kids - the calmness, the peacefulness, the stillness - but nothing can bring your heart as close to bursting with happiness as gazing upon your sleeping little one.

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fiona said...

Awwww, his new phrase is super cute! What a well-mannered little boy you have there! And sleeping "babies" are so sweet. I stare at mine, too, and the little hooligans inside do indeed stay well tucked away while they are angelicly sleeping :) What a beautiful shot of little Michael. Growing up way too fast.