Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Female (Mis)Trust

The torrent of female animosity pouring from this article is enough to drown every man on the planet. The author's hatred of men is so suffocating I felt a little breathless myself, and I have a uterus to hang onto for protection. Considering I got that choking feeling just from reading the thoughts of this woman, I imagine that being in Ms. Platell's actual presence would be something like feeling trapped in a room the size of a bathroom stall, trying to avoid the red-hot sparks coming out of her Medusa-like eyes.

So it's sort of ironic that the article begins, "Men are wonderful creatures...". Of course, knowing what we know about militant feminist types, we immediately realize that a statement like this simply means the author has given herself clearance to trash anyone with a Y chromosome, which she does, quite fatally:

"Men are wonderful creatures, but they are not to be relied upon. Even some of life's simplest things are apparently beyond them.

Remembering your favourite flower is one of them; washing the dishes before the sink is overflowing with dirty ones is another - as is doing the housework, without constantly complaining about how much they do around the house; and multi-tasking, unless it involves watching football, drinking beer, shouting at the TV, then watching the game all over again on Match Of The Day."

Wow. I don't know about you, but I am totally persuaded to listen to everything this reasonable woman has to say, so let's continue. The author goes on to tell her readers about a new contraceptive injection for men, which works by inhibiting sperm production. There's only one little problem, Ms. Platell shrilly laments: What woman in her right mind would trust a man when he says he is on birth control? How could you possibly trust someone you "barely know" to be honest about such things?

Well, honey, if you are sharing your body with a man you "barely know", then you are an idiot! And for heaven's sake, if you don't trust a man to use birth control, doesn't it immediately follow that you shouldn't trust him to be free of sexually transmitted diseases? So shouldn't you be using a condom anyway?

After all, Ms. Platell goes on to state that "...you can't buck human nature. Deep inside every man who still has his own hair and teeth, and even those who don't, is a sexual predator who will have sex anywhere, anytime, if he can.

Of course, for many of them the sexual encounters are with their wives. But wife or no wife, the urge for sex with other women never leaves them. And I'm sorry to say that sometimes they will fib to get what they want."

Besides this attitude being completely disgusting, it begs the question, if you really think men are nothing but sexual predators on the prowl, why in the world are you having sex with any of them, especially when you are on a first-name basis simply because you haven't progressed to the state of knowing each other's last names yet?

In the end, Ms. Platell admits that this type of contraception might work in a "faithful, loving, trusting, long-term relationship, provided the man has no issues about his masculinity, no fear of needles and no concern over his fertility."

And then she cements her own awful character when she states, "Now, how many men do you know like that?"

The answer to that question is easy. The vast majority of men I know are wonderful people who are faithful to their spouses, have no issues about their masculinity, and would be willing to discuss this form of birth control with their wives if the need arose. And the reason that this woman doesn't know any men who are so honorable is because she is obviously not honorable herself. If you want a good, faithful guy, you don't go looking in a bar for someone who will jump into bed with you on the first date. Good guys aren't out looking for whores, and if they come across one, they will pass her by in pursuit of something better.

You certainly need trust in relationships, and that doesn't start by stripping down to nothing thirty seconds after you meet someone. Trust is built over time and involves respect, honesty, and keeping your passions under control so that you can get to know each other without your hormones making decisions for you. Sex is never truly "safe" unless it's within marriage; i.e., with someone who is wholly and completely committed to you and your happiness.

Ms. Platell may make fun of someone like me for being old-fashioned or unrealistic. But which one of us is worried about unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and "predatory" men who couldn't care less about the feelings of their partner? I'm certainly not. My partner even knows my favorite flower, does the dishes, and never complains about helping me around the house.

And I'm sure he'd take a needle in the butt for me, if I asked.


Mandy said...

I just read this article, and that women is just crazy!

I don't know what dimension she is living in, but her opinion of men is base and bitter. My husband is a perfectly competent human being, and in some cases, more competent than I am, depending on the household chore in question.

You are absolutely right, that if you don't know your partner well enough to trust him regarding contraceptive, you probably should not be getting intimate with him.

Aside from that, this article is absurdly biased. I can't stand reading anything so subjective.

Megan B said...

Oh, that's so sad. She's going to be a miserable old lonely cat woman some day.

Sara said...

Some day? She's probably already lonely and miserable.

Good grief. I wouldn't remember her favorite flower either - I'd be too busy trying to avoid her.

On much the same note, I've been trying to figure out how to tactfully blog about my annoyance at Mother's Day turning many self-respecting women I know into whiny brats - when they expect the world to know exactly what they want/need without having to vocalize it.

But I haven't figured out how to do it tactfully, so it's still sitting in "draft," possibly never to see the light of day.

Stephanie Black said...

If sex has gotten to the state that people willingly share their bodies with people they regard with such contemptuous mistrust, it's a sad, sad world. Kind of makes you realize that wickedness never was happiness.