Friday, May 1, 2009

Random Thoughts

Why do mannequins have nipples? Isn't the point of clothing to cover up nipples? If you can see them that means the clothing isn't doing its job.

Have you ever noticed how those who demand the most tolerance for themselves are the least tolerant of others? Case in point, the demonization of "Miss California", Carrie Prejean, for her belief that marriage should be between a man and a woman.

Do you think, if you put two toddlers in a room with a hundred identical toys, they would still fight over the one toy the other kid has? I have to think that yes, they would.

I put on a new shirt the other day and Michael said, "That's cute, Mommy!" He is such a charming two-year old.

I was lamenting the fact that my mother, who has given birth to six children, weighs a good twenty-five pounds less than I do when my brother pointed out that she had her last baby nearly thirty years ago, which means she's had a lot more time to take the weight off. He deserves a gold star or something.

I am in love with the street fairs here in NYC. Where else can one buy a half-sour pickle, a deep-fried oreo, some thai food, and a pashmina and cute chunky jewelry, all for a couple bucks?

Overheard at the playground yesterday: "Have you noticed that people are wearing a lot less designer clothing since the recession?" Well, gee, it's about time people stopped paying ridiculous sums of money for really hideous clothes.

I hate the term "knocked up". It makes pregnancy sound like something nasty, not something miraculous and wonderful.

Nothing ruins desserts like raisins. It's like finding squashed dead fly bodies in your oatmeal cookie. Yuck!

I could go to a Broadway show every month for the rest of my life and feel that it was money well spent.

At this very moment, I have "Twilight" sitting in my mailbox. My husband put it on my Netflix queue out of "curiosity". You can expect a full review next week.


Mandy said...

"Twilight" was awful. Well, the movie was. Slow and boring and had the feel of a poorly directed indy film. It had none of the qualities that such a highly anticipated movie should have.

Aaron said...

My brother and I enjoyed watching Twilight. We laughed all the way through it!

Stephanie Black said...

I agree about the raisins. Raisins should be eaten plain, coated with chocolate, or in trail mix. Not in desserts.

Rizley Family said...

I am excited to read your review of Twilight. I am sure it will be glowing ;)

Looks like you had fun at the amusement park. We love you!