Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It Ain't Easy Being Beautiful...

According to Hollywood hottie, Jessica Biel, that is. (I'll pause while you cry your buckets of tears for her...). Apparently she just "want[s] an opportunity" (of which she's obviously had none, considering she's selling her sob story on the cover of a magazine).

Waaaaahhhh waaahh wah waaaaaaah waaaaaahhhh. (Sorry, smallest violin playing there for a second). I'm not sure why it is that people complain about such "trials", expecting the world to feel sorry for their pampered little behinds. Just yesterday one of my old high school acquaintances was lamenting her super fast metabolism, and that she has to eat so much to stay on top of it. Oh, poor baby. My hips are crying for you as you dig into your fifth dessert of the day.

But then, all this complaining has got me thinking - What sorts of things do I whine about that might elicit this irritated response in others? What things should I be appreciating instead of taking for granted?

I have an incredible husband, a sweet little boy, a fabulous New York apartment, and I'm sitting here in my bathrobe at 8:00 in the morning blogging, because I have nothing more pressing to do. The only thing that could make this better is if I were currently sucking the middle out of a chocolate-dipped cannoli.

But other than that, life is pretty good. Well, it would be... if only I weren't so beautiful, of course.


mean aunt said...

that's amazing! the same thing happens to me because everyone just ignores beautiful people. It really is quite tragic.

I wonder when my magazine cover will come out?

Oliver said...

A conversation with a friend around this topic kept coming back to gratitude.

These sorts of comments stem directly from a lack of gratitude. There are pluses and minuses to every life. Happy people are grateful for the positives and take hard looks at the minuses and try to change them.

And in the process there is definitely time for a good cry. Or many.

But in the end, happiness comes when we are grateful for what we have. Heck, even grateful for the pluses AND the minuses.