Monday, May 25, 2009

Living the Night Life

New York is the city that never sleeps. Not that we would know, because we like sleep - a lot - so our desire to party hearty at 3 a.m. is pretty much non-existent, the last bits of it having been scooted out the door after our college days (along with our fast metabolisms).

But, since we had friends staying in our home over the weekend, David got the harebrained idea late one night to run out and see a movie. Since sleeping doesn't really equal babysitting, it wouldn't be too much of a burden on our guests to "watch" Michael, and it would be free (much better than the $15/hour we usually pay). And since they were going to bed anyway, it's not like we were asking them do do anything extra, so hey, no one loses!

Unless you count lost sleep for us, that is. But David was so giddy over the prospect of a movie that I couldn't bring myself to turn down his pleading eyes in favor of turning down the covers instead. So I agreed to run (literally - we had 15 minutes to make it to the show) up to the movie theater where we slid into our seats just in time to catch the midnight showing of "Angels and Demons".

We discovered that New York City is indeed alive at midnight. Heck, it's just getting started! In fact, on the way up to the theater a twenty-something woman, obviously high on flashing neon lights, graciously offered to show David her, um, assets (okay, so it was more like "Hey, wanna see my t***?"). He hastily declined (and was smart enough to avert his eyes as he did so, just in case her hearing was as bad as her social skills) and we continued on our way.

As we walked home after the movie, we discovered that street vendors are still out in full force at 2:30 A.M., which is good, because you never know when you might get a hankering for a knish or falafel.

We fell into bed, set the alarm for 6:30, and slept soundly until we were awakened by our human alarm, who cheerfully called, "Hi, Mommy!" from his crib at 5:30. That is when I may have said something like, "Michael, if you don't go back to sleep right now, I'm going to have to kill you."

Gratefully, he did go back to sleep, I woke up when the alarm went off, showered and dressed for the day, and ran to catch the subway while the rest of the house was peacefully sleeping. A stranger told me I looked tired and that I should drink orange juice and take echinacea. Instead I voted for the curative effects of a nice long nap, which has muddled my brain so much that I just might consider repeating the late-night movie experience again.

I said "might", David. Put down those movie listings!


fiona said...

Whoa -- $15/hr for a sitter?? yikes! Though to go to Broadway show, etc., I'm inclined to think it's somewhat worth it ;)

How fun to do the NY night-life thing every once in a while. Social stuff here is super late, as in dinners start after 10 usually and little kids are still raring to go past that time, etc., etc. Me, I just want to zonk. Once in a while IS fun, though :) Way to take advantage of FREE sitters!

Rizley Family said...

Yes, I am all about free baby sitting too! Good work!

singingrae said...

So funny! My cousin was in town visiting us and we actually almost did the very same thing. We would have done the same (and seen the same show, for that matter) but we voted for bed instead. Party Poopers!

How was the movie? Was it worth the expense of a sitter?

foculbrown said...

We had a great weekend with you guys. I'm glad that we could let you go out. ;)

overlyactive said...

What did you think about the movie? I heard it was better then the first. You agree?

Bonnie said...

The movie was definitely better than "The Da Vinci Code", which isn't really saying much, all things considered. I found myself less annoyed by Tom Hanks this time around, and they changed a lot from the book, so it was a little tighter and slightly more believable. Overall, we enjoyed it. It was a fun movie to see in the theater.