Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Against My Nature

David and I have realized that the family reunion in Yosemite is creeping upon us at an alarming rate. I feel like we should be doing something to get ready, but I'm not sure what, as we don't have a single piece of camping equipment here in New York. At the moment we can't even claim our pillows as our own, so I'm just not sure how four days in the wild is going to turn out. My sister is going to be sick of me asking, "Do you have this? Can I borrow that?"

As a rule, camping is not my favorite thing. I am not totally opposed to the idea, but my ideal tented adventure consists of one night, one bonfire and accompanying smore-making, and one uncomfortable sleep that ends with a quick breakfast and breaking camp by 10 a.m. so that I can go home and shower. I absolutely hate being dirty, and by that I mean wallowing in my own grease, which is exactly what happens after just one day of showerlessness. A little dust I can handle but it's the oily hair that puts me over the edge into Camp Insanity.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy nature. We just get along better when one of us is clean.

And another thing, as my sister recently relayed to me: Camping is when you do what you do at home, only a lot more inconveniently. Generally I'm all about convenience, which to me means indoor plumbing and a refrigerator. And possibly a donut shop downstairs.

But it will be fun - family memories and all that. Michael will enjoy his cousins, the scenery will be lovely, and I'm sure I will be happy to hop back on a plane and return to my city life.

After I shower, of course. Because, ewwww, who wants to sit next to someone who hasn't showered in four days?


Evil HR Lady said...

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy nature. We just get along better when one of us is clean. I love this line.

foculbrown said...

I have the same feelings about nature and camping. It's a big surprise that I'm an Eagle scout and a member of the Order of the Arrow (BSA's honor society for super scouters who love camping).

Ruffing it = a Marriott with slow room service

Sara said...

I adore camping, but after reading your post, I'm wondering why ... because you make so much sense, now I'm re-thinking why I want to drag my pregnant self, a toddler and Himself camping in Yellowstone next month... :)

Bonnie said...

Ha ha, glad to be of service, Sara.