Friday, October 10, 2008

Husband-Bashing Commercials, Part 3

Another husband-bashing commercial to add to the ever-growing litany of offensive advertising. (You can read about my other favorites here and here). The latest culprit? Pepto Bismol.

While this commercial takes a welcome break from the disturbing indigestion dance routine (if you don't know what I mean, count yourself lucky) it nonetheless ventures into something equally bothersome.

The commercial starts out with an attractive woman sitting on the couch, her dog's head resting woefully in her lap. She has called the Pepto help-line, wanting to know how she can help "Rex". You see, he has eaten everything in the house, leftover Chinese food, ice cream, tapioca, and of course dog treats.

"We don't cover dogs," the Pepto man says.

"Oh, no, Charlie is my dog. Rex is my husband."

Cut to the groaning husband in his chair, obviously regretting the dog treats he recently ingested.

I would have laughed, but I can't think of a single funny thing about such an insulting punch line. Honestly, who thinks of these things? They should be ashamed of themselves.

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McConkie Family said...

That is really stupid. So men now have no brains? Ugh.