Friday, October 3, 2008

What's In A Purse?

I have one purse. I bought it 7 years ago for $50 and used it every day until the advent of the diaper bag 22 months ago. It's a nice purse. Sometimes I wish it were a little bit bigger, but it holds the essentials - wallet, cell phone, chapstick, carkeys. Now it only makes its appearance on special occasions that don't require the diaper bag - hot dates with my hubby and the rare solo outing.

Recently some of David's female coworkers were gushing about some great purse and suggested to David that he buy it for me. For $1000. That's right, these women would consider spending $1000 on a purse. And not only would they consider buying it, they thought I would appreciate it if my husband bought it for me.

Um, hello? $1000 for a purse?!!! Are you kidding me?! No purse is worth $1000! Not one. Zip. Zero. Nada. And if David came home with such an expensive handbag, I would make him take it right back to the store. Actually, first I would murder him. Then I would take it back myself.

So here I was, thinking that this $1000 purse was nothing but pure insanity, when my sister sent me a link to this:

For those not in the know, this is a Birkin purse, a favorite among the Hollywood elite. You too can be the owner of this fetching handbag for the mere price of $55,000. Yes, that's fifty five thousand dollars. What a steal! Where do I sign up?

I find it absolutely disgusting that any human being would ever consider spending that much money on one purse. And yet, in the past there has even been a wait-list for this hot item. That's right. People were lining up to hand over their bank accounts (and, apparently, also their brains) to buy the stupid thing. Can you imagine?

And Hollywood says they're not out of touch with the rest of us.


McConkie Family said...

Bonnie, I passed the information on this purse around the office, and the consensus is the following:

Anyone who buys that purse is a wicked person.

Stephanie Black said...

But . . . but . . . does this mean you're not getting me a Birkin for my birthday? Sniffle.

Julia said...

Ah, an infamous Birkin. What in the world would I wear with it that's mustard yellow?

Megan B said...

Ah.... the things that I could do with $55,000, or $1000 for that matter, that would have nothing to do with a purse!

Megan B said...

Though... if I ever return to my post mission size of 5 (sniffle, snort, cough, cough, and it will probably require a tapeworm) I've requested the ridiculous amount of $1500 for my dream wardrobe so that I can get out of my solid color Old Navy "perfect fit" t-shirts and clearance jeans forever... He's grandly promised to provide all that I want or need, but I think it's because he thinks I'll never reach that goal :) Pie in the sky, eh? I've never owned shoes that didn't come from Payless (except for my Keene sandals that I got for Christmas last year) and I'm SOOoooo ready for that day!!

Rizley Family said...

55,000 would buy so many Doves.

fiona said...

(picking jaw up off floor) WHAT!? $55,000 for a purse??!! I feel frivolous when we walk into McDonalds and a scruffy little barefoot boy says he'll watch our van for us, while we eat hamburgers and let our children play on the "fancy" playset, and there are people spending over $50k for a purse. That is so sad. And embarrassing.

Doves, though, would be a totally different story... ;)

The Wolford Pack (Jen) said...

I'm horrible...I couldn't even spend $50 on a purse. :)

The Wolford Pack (Jen) said...

In reference to megan b (sorry for referring to you in that way...your screen name and comments are all I know of you). My husband begs (maybe not literally) me to spend money on nice clothes. Any woman would love it if their husband insisted they buy a new wardrobe every year, right? I've only been able to bring myself to purchase an entire new wardrobe once in the last 6 years. My husband had to pick out a lot of it for me and was very proud of his "fair lady". :) I think $1500 would buy me lots of great clothes at my favorite clothing outlet...Target! :) I hope you make it to $1500. You're worth it and so much more I'm sure!