Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Magical Kisses

Michael recently discovered the healing power of a kiss. He will come to me multiple times a day saying "Owww!" and holding some body part that needs a little peck. It is amazing how well it works. The whining and crying stops immediately. And really, what is cuter than your little boy asking you to kiss a scraped knee, and then happily going off to play once everything is better?

He is also very concerned about my injuries and will point to my bruises or scrapes and say "Owww!" in a very worried tone of voice. Yesterday I asked him if he would kiss a particularly painful bruise he had been concerned about. He happily obliged, and I honestly did feel better.

Yesterday I also found myself needing an extra cuddle, and so gave into his whining and let him lie down with me for naptime. I let him snuggle until he fell asleep, and then went to put him back in his bed. As soon as I lifted the blanket to make the switch, he opened his eyes and said, "No, no, no" very earnestly and sweetly. It was easy to give in and just hold my little angel while he slept.

It's amazing how the magical cuddles and kisses have healing powers in both directions. I never realized they could work so well on me.


Megan B said...

Aren't those moments the best? They make our whole existence worth it, I think. Oh, be aware though, that the NEXT phase is him noticing your zits, freckles, and moles that MUST be owies and MUST all be kissed constantly and they still never go away! It's not always so cute then, LOL :)

fiona said...

Oh, mine too! I love this stage...I love how earnest they are about it all. I really would love to just pause time here for awhile...