Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Naptime has been a bit of a struggle in our house lately. Usually one of two things will happen: Michael will get a burst of energy and start jumping and doing somersaults in his crib, or he will get really mad and scream and cry (he has remarkable stamina). Scenario two always involves throwing his cup and blankets out of the crib,and then yelling that he wants them back.

I decided I needed to preserve these, um, "precious" moments for posterity. Unfortunately I didn't catch any of the somersaults on video, but it's a small taste of the energy ball that is Michael.



McConkie Family said...

Cute little stubborn guy. I love how he takes a moment to rub his tired eyes and then starts crying again. I say bring out the earplugs and shut yourself in your room! Naptime, the eternal struggle.

Evil HR Lady said...

I just have to say that it's a good thing he doesn't realize he can climb out of that crib.

Sarah never realized it. She could climb over everything else, but somehow she never figured out the crib.

May you be so blessed.

mean aunt said...

Michael, Michael, Michael, you little stinker. Katie could climb out of her crib and get out the door before I'd even left the room. Thomas was more cautious and probably would not have climbed out--except that Katie painstkingly taught him how. Rebecca could get out--I suspect by jumping and doing a double flip.

Megan B said...

There is so much of David in his face that I now have a better idea how his tantrums must look, HA HA HA HA!!! Michael is nothing if not entertaining, right? And listen to your sweet, soothing, patient voice in the background, supermom :)