Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Random Thoughts

Why do they make parallel parking such an integral part of the driving test? Unless you live in a large city, you will only have to parellel park about two times in your entire life. I agree with my sister that a better driving-skill indicator would be to take you to the interstate at rush hour and let you try to merge.

Have you ever noticed how the mornings when you absolutely have to be somewhere at a specific time, your child will sleep long past his regular waking time? And if you don't have to be anywhere and would like to sleep in, he will bounce out of bed at 5:30?

How is it that you can have 150 TV channels and absolutely nothing to watch?

Do you suppose prostitutes ever feel disenfranchised by the fact that everyone is wearing their clothing? Just how are you supposed to tell a hooker from a teenage girl nowadays?

People place too much stock in hearing someone say "I love you". Doesn't anyone realize that actions speak louder than words?

I just read that Lisa Kudrow, one of the stars of the hit TV series Friends, remained a virgin until her marriage at age 31. She said she is worried because kids are having sex at younger and younger ages. That is all very honorable, but if she truly feels that way, why did she star in a TV show (and play a character) that glorifies and encourages pre-marital sex?

Since Oliver keeps calling us every time he goes to Cafe Rio ("Just wanted you to know I'm eating at Cafe Rio," he'll say), I will now exact my revenge: I am making cinnamon rolls.

Anyone who says boys and girls are no different from each other has never had a child.

My sister-in-law compared this Presidential election to having a choice between cream of celery or spam for dinner. Somehow, either way we'll come out losers. Or at the very least throw up.

Why do women talk like sailors and dress like sluts and then act bewildered when their men don't treat them like ladies?

It's amazing what people categorize as "needs" even in difficult financial times. If cable TV is more important to you than eating, you are not that desperate.

What makes you dream about certain things? For example, why do people you haven't thought about in ten years suddenly appear in your dreams?

The latest "Dear Abby" column was people writing in about how they get offended if someone responds to their "Thank you" with "No problem". If you are spending time nitpicking over something that small, you need to get a life.

How is it that your child can smack the keyboard with one hand and manage to delete your hard drive and shut down your computer when you can't even figure out how to change your font?

Why does the dentist always wait until your mouth is full to ask you chatty questions?

I love that Michael can see an airplane for the thirtieth time in as many minutes, and be just as excited as the he was the for the first one.


fiona said...

Much to ponder... ;) I loved reading these, very entertaining and so true!

Sara said...

So true!

foculbrown said...

The Cafe Rio call on Monday night was my fault. I wanted to let you know that I'm no longer a CRV. ;) As for all the other's his fault. May I still have some cinnamon rolls??

The Wolford Pack (Jen) said...

Again...I love your blog!