Thursday, July 17, 2008

Why I Won't Buy Brawny Paper Towels

Brawny has a commercial that irritates me every time I see it. Actually, it doesn't just irritate me, it offends me. One of the lines is, "If you don't have to go back and clean up what your husband just cleaned, you are a magician!" Well, let me run out to the store and buy your product. I love companies that insult men.

Why is it that men-bashing has become so acceptable in our society? It seems like there is a free pass when it comes to making fun of the men in our lives. Can you imagine the outrage if Brawny had changed the script in that commercial to say "If you don't have to go back and clean up what your wife just cleaned, then you are a magician!" Can you say lawsuit? I can't imagine the amount of indignation that would ensue, and Brawny would be boycotted right out of business. But as it is, everyone is supposed to laugh knowingly, pat their "inept" husband on the head, and rush off to clean up after the helpless buffoon. And the husbands are just supposed to sit there and take it.

Well, not in my house. Brawny is officially banished for life. And I wrote the company and told them so.


Tiffany said...

I love you Bonnie. I agree with you and you crack me up at the same time.

Megan B said...

Yeah, we don't buy Herbal Essence products because of their commercials either. Icky. I love Bounty paper towels, especially the tear-aways. They are a little more expensive, but less waste, so it ends up equal price anyway!!