Thursday, July 24, 2008

Husband-Bashing Commercials, Part 2

Grrrrr... One more company to add to the boycott list: Stanley Steemer.

"Do you have kids, pets, or a husband? How do you ever keep your carpet clean?"

Well gosh, I don't know! I mean, I follow my husband around with some spot shot and a vacuum all day, and I still can't keep his nasty man-cooties off the floor. Whatever shall I do?

I can tell you what I won't do, and that's call Stanley Steemer.

Incidentally, my carpets are pretty filthy at the moment. Time to pull out the Little Green.


Evil HR Lady said...

I agree 100%

McConkie Family said...

So if I don't have a husband or kids, will that mean I'll always have super clean carpets?

The Wolford Pack (Jen) said...

Another reason I love reading your blog...your combination of wit and sarcasm make me laugh! :)

I had the same thoughts the first time I ever saw these two commercials. I hate too when women refer to their husbands as one of their children....if they have 4 kids they'll tell people they have 5 including their husband. Grrrr…is right!