Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Six Degrees of Blog Separation (Or Why I'm Glad I Don't Live In Utah)

A friend recently sent me a link to her new blog. She in turn linked to her sister, who links to a bunch of people I was casually acquainted with at one time. So I've been spending the last hour blog-hopping. (In case David is reading this, what I mean is that I've been spending the last hour being productive by scrubbing toilets and ironing shirts...). Sometimes it's fun to click on someone you don't know and see how long it takes you to get to someone you do know. It's surprisingly easy in the world of Mormon blogging.

But I discovered something that reminds me how glad I am not to be living in Utah. Now, I like Utah in general, and I loved growing up there, and I would love to move into Cafe Rio and just sit on the floor and let them throw spare bits of tortilla into my mouth. But I really don't want to move to Utah just now.

Of the 25 or so blogs I clicked on, 99% of them had one of those "We're Expecting" baby widgets that tell you when a little bundle of joy is scheduled to make his or her debut. I have nothing against them in general - I would even describe them as cute. And I enjoy seeing them on my friend's blogs so I can be reminded how far along they are - I like to keep up with how things are going. But it just reminded me of how it feels to walk around, say, Provo, and see 378 pregnant women in one trip to the grocery store. It's a lonely sort of feeling.

So I'm just warning you that if we're ever lucky enough to have another baby, I'm putting a baby countdown widget on my blog.


McConkie Family said...

Just as long as your widget talks about your bodily functions and sex drive too!=)

And hey, we don't have one on our's!

Megan B said...

And I greatly look forward to that widget possibility! You two sure are great parents and you make adorable kids :)

Anonymous said...

Bonnie - I totally feel you on this one. Being unable to randomly pop half-a-dozen kids out makes you quite the outsider in UT. I see pregnant women and infants everywhere, it can be quite depressing.

Bonnie said...

Diana! How are things? I'm glad you found my blog. Can you send me your email address? Mine is dboverly at gmail dot com

Julia said...

You should e-mail all those people DAILY with a widget that counts down one day for each e-mail, regardless if you're pregnant or not.

The Wolford Pack (Jen) said...

I love blog-hopping too! It's how I found your blog and so many others. I'm glad you don't live in Utah too. :) I enjoy being friends and hope to only become better friends. Want to come over and play sometime soon?