Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I fell off the diet wagon yesterday. Actually, in the words of my sister, "I jumped off the wagon with arms flailing, and enjoyed every calorie of it."

Michael and I decided that we would meet David at his office for dinner so we could actually spend a few minutes with him. I called David and he said, "Go past my office and park in the parking garage under Lord & Taylor and I'll meet you there."

So I went past his office and headed toward the Lord & Taylor parking garage. I thought it was a bit weird that it was across a major road from his office. And then I couldn't go straight, like he had said to. Then my cell phone rang.

David: "Where are you?"
Bonnie: "I couldn't go straight into the Lord & Taylor parking garage like you said. I have to turn around."
David: "Are you lost?"
Bonnie: "I'm on 123."
David: "How did you get over there? I told you to go past my office and park in the Lord & Taylor garage!"
Bonnie: "That's what I tried to do!"
David: "It's right next to my office. How did you miss it?"
Bonnie: "You said to go past your office."
David: "I said turn where you regularly turn and go past the entrance to my office."
Bonnie: "But you said to park in the Lord & Taylor garage. That's where I went."
David: "It's right next to my office!"

So I drove over the garage next to his office and met him there.

David: "How come you didn't come here?"
Bonnie: "You said to park under Lord & Taylor. This is Neiman Marcus."

*David looks at the sign on the store, which says Neiman Marcus*

David: "Oh. I thought it was Lord & Taylor".

No wonder we were both confused. Ha ha! So we wandered through the ugliest collection of $600 skirst I've ever seen, rode a few escalators to Michael's delight, and ended up at a little cafe. I was going to be good and get a salad, but then my frugal self took over in realizing that we would have to purchase three meals if I did that, since Michael isn't so satisfied by a few bits of lettuce. (Wait, me neither!)

So I did the only sensible thing and got Chinese Bourbon Chicken and Fried Rice. And since I had already destroyed my diet, on the way home I bought a candybar and washed it down with a full glass of milk.

It was positively heavenly. Except for the part where I have to repent now.


Megan B said...

Mmmmmmmmm..... that sounds SO delicious :)

McConkie Family said...

Hey, you have to have some evil moments or else you'd go insane, right?

Evil HR Lady said...

It must have been something in the air, as I had eaten all my points by 10:30. did that stop me from eating the rest of the day? of course not!

Sara said...

I'm so laughing about the NM/L&T mix up - and missing VA and my "run to L&T to check out the shoe clearance rack on lunch" outings with a colleague.

((hugs)) on the diet.

Amy said...

Oh no! That's quite funny actually... At least you didn't go home and drink straight chocolate syrup (which I confess to having done on a few depressing occasions). I'm tellin' ya...Diets are ridiculous. My theory is EAT! If you're hungry, EAT! If you're not hungry, DON'T EAT! Focus on the Word of Wisdom and being well rounded with your food groups, and you will be healthy...and THAT'S what matters. Who gives a flip about 10 pounds anyway?! You look terrific already! Cheers to no more diets!

The Wolford Pack (Jen) said...

That is too funny about the mall mix-up. Sometime we should both go surprise our husbands with lunch since they work right next to each other and then go play on the third floor of Tysons Mall. Now that school is back in it should be a lot less crowded. Are you game?

Everytime I read that you ate a candybar, I want one! :)