Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Having Trouble Being Taken Seriously?

Then take your clothes off! It seems to be standard operating procedure in Hollywood these days.

Daniel Radcliffe, of Harry Potter fame and fortune, is currently starring on Broadway, reprising his London role gouging out horses eyes and prancing about naked onstage. He says he's glad he took the role because he is now considered a "serious" actor. I have to agree. Before he was just the multi-millionaire star of the world's most famous movie franchise. Now he is a serious idiot.

It is being bandied about that Warner Brother's sudden decision to move the release of Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince to next summer is the result of wanting to avoid, er, uncomfortable questions about the current nudity of its star performer. I can't say I blame them, although I am annoyed that I have to wait a whole year to see the completed film.

And another thing, don't these actors have parents? Or grandparents? Or relatives of any sort who might be averse to seeing their brother/nephew/cousin galavanting around Lady Godiva-style onstage? Wouldn't you just die if you knew your parents were even aware of your public nudity, let alone sitting on the front row watching you in all your glory?

Doubtless, Daniel's parents are probably pleased as punch with their son's accomplishments. And this, my friends, is what is wrong with the world today.


fiona said...

I just can't picture Harry Potter naked!! um, not that I'm trying know what I mean. So dumb that some actors feel this way.

The Wolford Pack (Jen) said...

I remember reading an article about this a few weeks ago and was very sad. What's worse is I also read in the article that we will be seeing more of him than we'd like in the last installment, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”. Maybe I can talk myself out of being a fan now so I won't be too disappointed when I don't end up seeing the final film. What a shame!

Sarah said...

I remember feeling these things when he announced his role over here.
I feel quite outraged that someone who holds the extreme potential to influence young people could, by his actions, teach then that this is acceptable. Yet, it goes beyond teaching that it is acceptable, it branches into being worthy of emmulation!

I too am gutted about the postponement of the HBP, was really looking forward to seeing it in November! :)