Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...

At Costco, anyway. And Michael and I would know because we spend a lot of time there. We love the food samples, there is always a new supply of kids books, and there is usually something fun to look at. Michael's current obsession is a huge blow-up Halloween decoration that plays scary music. He loves to look at it, and will point at it and beg the entire time we are in the store.

(Quick story: Last year I was at a craft store showing Michael the Halloween decorations. He was exclaiming and gooing in happy fascination at all the moving monsters and spooky lights when a woman came up to me and scolded me for "scaring" him. I asked her why in the world she thought he would be scared - he didn't know ghosts and skeletons were supposed to be scary. Strange isn't it, that you have to learn what things are supposed to be frightening?)

Anyway, last week we ventured to Costco for the second, or possibly third time, and I walked in expecting to hear the creepy Halloween music. Only I couldn't, because it was drowned out by the Rockin' light-up Christmas trees. Nothing says September like "Carol of the Bells".

Of course Michael was delighted by this new development, and we spent a good 15 minutes watching and listening to the trees (which were covered in flashing balls - what could be better?!). And of course we had to say hello to the Halloween decoration too.

I used to be annoyed when stores would start getting their Christmas stuff out so early, but Michael is already enjoying it so much, I can't help but enjoy it too. Of course I would still like to get past Halloween before the candy canes come out, but at least the Halloween decorations technically did appear first.

It is fun to see him starting to enjoy these little holiday things. Heaven knows, I need someone who can share my holiday fanaticism.


Evil HR Lady said...

What on earth did the woman say when you asked her that question? I'm so fascinated.

I have lots of canned answers ready for rude questions I've been asked in the past, but no one ever repeats the same rude question so I just have to stare at them.

That was an excellent response.

Tiffany said...

Goodness, Logan loves that big blow up Halloween thing in Costco too. Every time we go in there he says, "It's really to bad that we don't have a yard Mom. I really want one of those." I'm just excited to get the kids dressed up in their costumes! Still trying to figure out what they're going to be though.