Wednesday, March 14, 2012

When the Cat is Sick, the Mice Will Destroy the House

This is what happens when Mom gets knocked down by a killer sore throat and a fever of 103.

I started feeling horrible yesterday afternoon, and by 5:00 that progressed to feeling like I was trapped right between 90-years-old and death.  So I let the kids watch Cars 2 twice in a row while I tried to rest a little on the couch.  I woke up to find Matthew and Leah in nothing but underwear, standing on top of the kitchen table, splashing around in root beer (we'd gone through the drive-thru on the way home from swimming lessons because I knew I wasn't up for making dinner).  I didn't clean it up.

This morning, with fever still clocking in at 103, I dragged myself out of the house to drop Michael off at preschool and then turned on the Disney Channel for Matthew and Leah and crashed on the couch.  One time I woke up to find them sitting in my bed squeezing out a tube of toothpaste.  Later I woke up to find they had dumped out a box of cereal and were stuffing golden grahams into the vents on my fireplace, which they had turned on.  And after that I woke up to find Matthew had pulled a chair into my bathroom and was making good use of my mascara brush.  (He looked like he was auditioning for a job at a cheap cabaret).  The rest of the time I tried to sleep while Leah sat on my head.

Later, after the tenth time I found my toddlers splashing things in the toilet, I threw them in the bathtub.  Then I left for a few minutes to help Michael with something (I could hear them laughing so I knew they were okay).  What I should have realized is that two laughing toddlers in a bathtub is not the kind of okay I was hoping for - they used their cups to completely flood my bathroom from tub to closet.  Even my bedroom carpet is wet.

That's the terrible thing about being a mom - when you are sick you still have to be a mom.  Today that meant wiping bottoms as needed and running through the drive-thru (again) on the way home from picking Michael up from preschool.  Although I did make soup-from-a-package for dinner.  Really, that's it.  That's all I was good for.  I keep wishing for David to come home, but he got home at, oh, midnight, last night?  I don't know.  I was asleep at the time.  He says tonight he will be late but hopefully not super late.  By that he means anything before 2 a.m.

Hopefully I'm not dead by then.


Cameron and Nonie said...

Hang in there! Oh, the life of the mom, for some reason there is no sick days, just life. It's like interest, it never sleeps or goes on vacation, it's just always there.

Jennifer said...

Oh Bonnie! Let me introduce you to locks. There are locks for everything, believe me, I know. We have them all! As, we have had days like your day. Although I wasn't running a fever, just nursing a newborn. Locks are so great! The bathroom issue - not too much you can do when two toddlers are in the tub together. I had again, the exact same thing happen, except I was nursing a newborn. I heard the twins' raucous laughter and thoughts what a fun mom I am to let them take their own bath while I'm busy with the baby. Until, I head Clifton yelling, Jenn! There's a waterfall in our family room!" They flooded the bathroom so much it started pouring out our can lights down stairs onto our couch and carpet. Yep, I'm a great mom!
Hope you're feeling better soon. If not, send your kids over. Of-course there is a risk of my twins teaching your twins all their tricks. Sounds like they're only a step behind mine anyway.