Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Flour Bombed

4:54 PM:  Pull into the garage after Michael's swimming lessons
4:55 PM:  Help Michael untie his swimsuit so he can make a run for the bathroom
4:55:30 PM:  Help Matthew and Leah out of their car seats
4:57 PM:  Get everyone inside
4:58 PM:  Head to the bathroom myself
5:01 PM:  Michael calls from the toilet, "Mom, there's something wrong in here!"
5:02 PM:  Walk into the bathroom to help Michael
5:04 PM:  Help Michael resolve his issue
5:05 PM:  Wash hands and leave bathroom
5:05:27 PM:  See this mess in my kitchen:

5:05:29 PM:  Pull the suspect out of the pantry
5:05:35 PM:  Try not to explode with anger
5:05:45 PM:  Take said suspect's mug shot:

5:06 PM:  Decide he looks too happy for someone who is about to be incarcerated for life
5:06:23 PM:  Take another picture, for evidence:

5:07 PM:  Remove suspect from crime scene
5:08 PM:  Remove suspect's clothes and confiscate weapons (a teaspoon and a few measuring cups)
5:10 PM:  Begin sweeping
5:25 PM:  Realize I'm going to have flour in the cracks between my floorboards until about 2027.
5:25:10 PM:  Give up
5:30 PM:  Make dinner
6:20 PM:  Allow suspect out on bond to attend his brother's soccer game
6:45 PM:  Suspect displays poor judgment by spending half the game trying to eat fertilizer pellets off the grass.
7:25 PM:  Arrive home
7:30 PM:  Find suspect standing on top of the kitchen table, playing with the chandelier
7:35 PM:  Bedtime routine commences
7:58 PM:  Suspect is behind bars
7:59 PM:  Warden determines he does not look sufficiently repentant:

8:01 PM:  The criminal in the adjoining cell looks like she is plotting something:

Notes relevant to crime scene:  Yes, I do have a child lock on my pantry.  Yes, I did forget to make sure it was engaged before I left the suspect alone in the kitchen.  Yes, I have learned my lesson.

And yes, I do need some chocolate and a massage.

How did you guess?


Cath said...

You are HILAROUS! And so is that little criminal of yours. Funny now, but I know all too well the rage. You were so good to just grab the camera. My girls dropped a similar bomb once, but only a few days later while pulling the flower out of the cupboard, I dumped it all over myself and the floor. Awesome.

Haven said...

The only bombs I've been getting lately have been of the gastric kind. Flour stinks less. ;) crazy what kids will do.

Amy said...

Hahaha!! He looks so pleased with himself!

Stephanie Black said...

Darling post. That cute little fiend! I think Matthew and Leah hold world records in how quickly they can wreak destruction.

Megan B ♥ said...

They sure to have a special gift for mischief, don't they? LOL!!

teressa said...


This has happened to me when Isaac was a toddler. The worst part was that he did it again a week later LOL!

fiona said...

Ack!!! But... that grin! Seriously, if you survive the stunts these two pull, you can survive anything... ;)

overlyactive said...

This was so funny because it's happened to probably all of us mom's at one time or another!