Friday, March 16, 2012

The Soundtrack of My Life

This morning I decided to mix up a pitcher of Crystal Light.  Not for the kids, mind you, but for me, because I hate drinking plain water when I'm sick (the taste gets to me for some reason).  And it wasn't actually Crystal Light, it was Great Value brand, which is pretty much the only Wal-Mart brand anything I'm willing to let in my house due to the fact that they manufacture so many things in one factory that all of their products say: "May contain traces of eggs, peanuts, old banana peels, and granny's left shoe."  I even bought something at Wal-Mart once that said, "May contain traces of Amelia Earheart's plane and the Lost City of Atlantis".

Even their fruit is dangerous.  You pick up a bag of grapes and it's like Ingredients: rubber bands and three strips of bacon.  May contain traces of grapes.

But I digress.

Yesterday afternoon I actually felt decent enough to make an attempt at cleaning the kitchen.  This wasn't based on my physical status as much as the fact that walking in the kitchen was like stepping into one of those old movie theaters where you have to sacrifice your shoes to the floor gods in order to view the show.  That and I think David might have had a slight aneurysm when he came home late the night before and was met with a house that looked like it had undergone an atomic bomb blast -- if atomic bombs are filled with soda.  Trying to conceal the twitch in his left eye he said, "Let me clean up the kitchen for you."  Most wives would swoon.  I stuck out my lower lip and said, "Hold me."

So he did, even though I'm pretty sure it almost killed him to ignore the dishes pulsating in the sink.  And on the floor.  And all over the counter.  And the fact that his shoes were stuck by the back door.

So, today I sat on the floor, and I mopped.  While I was listening to this:

When David and I went to see the latest Sherlock Holmes movie, I leaned over during the pre-preview commercials and said, "I'm really excited for the music in this movie.  I loved the music in the first one."

"Me too," he responded, in a way that made me think he was mocking me.

"Don't make fun of me."  I said.

"I'm not!  I really like the music."

"Shut up."

"I'm serious!"

"Why are you making fun of me?"

"I'm not!"

This went on for about 17 minutes until someone leaned over our shoulders and said, "Will you keep it down?  I'm trying to watch the commercials."

But, it turns out David wasn't lying, as this song now has an honored place on his "Epic Soundtrack" playlist.  And he's not the only one who likes it - this is my kids' absolute favorite song.  Every time it comes on the itunes playlist they scream with delight.  Then they ask me to play it again.  And again.  And again.  I finally just put the thing on repeat so I could quit standing up to hit the play button again. 

I have to say, it strikes me as pleasantly ironic that the name of this tune is "Discombobulate".

Story of my life lately.


Sara said...

As I am about 5 years behind in watching any movies, I haven't seen either SH movie and have therefore never heard the soundtrack.

But WOW! I LOVE this song. Thanks for posting. Though I'm not sure about playing it for the girls. I know they would love it - I can see them dancing around to it in the "pink room" (the name they've affectionately given the mauve-and-light-blue living room) - and I can also seeing it staying on permanent "repeat".

I hope you feel better...!

Megan B ♥ said...

Oh my goodness! After reading your last two posts, my emotions ran the gamut. I was cringing, I was reaching toward the screen saying, "nnnnoooooooooo!!!!!!" and then through the second one I was laughing at the pulsating dishes and the sticky shoes. I love you, Bonnie.

Oliver said...

You know my deep, abiding love for movie sound tracks. My Pandora station of film music introduced me to the Sherlock Holmes soundtrack a year ago. I LOVE THE MUSIC!!!

Love that David and I have similar tastes in music.