Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Now Pronounce You Dumb and Dumber

How to ruin your marriage:  post a video on youtube in which the sole purpose is to make fun of your wife and her lack of brains.

Oh, I know, we're supposed to watch the video and think it's so hilarious.  Ha ha ha.  Clueless blond girl can't even do a basic math problem!  So funny.  Wow, she is dumber than a box of hair!

But the problem with this video is not that she is a few brownies short of a full pan, it's that her husband has now shared this fact with the entire world.  Two million people (so far) have watched this video and are now mocking and insulting his wife.  Maybe she crochets hats for orphans.  Maybe she volunteers in a preschool for underprivileged kids.  Maybe she makes cookies for her neighbors and takes in stray animals.  But we'll never know, will we?  All we know is that her husband thinks so little of her that he would post a video like this so that everyone can take a shot at her.

What a nice guy.

This makes me sad beyond words.  Here is the man who is supposed to protect her and stand up for her and defend her -- who has vowed to do so -- and he is making her the laughingstock of the internet.

Way to go, Travis.  Husband of the Year.

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fiona said...

I didn't think this was funny, either.