Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Words Of Wisdom

Everyone keeps saying that this diet thing will get easier. That's what my sisters are saying too... well... sort of.

S4: My problem is eating lots of vegetables doesn't satisfy my hunger. I could eat a whole bag of baby carrots and feel just as hungry as I did before.

S3: Well, yes, but eventually you just lose the will to live!

S2: All I can say is if I weigh the same next Monday as I did this Monday, I quit. I want a cookie.

S1: I ate three apples today, and they didn't help with the hunger one bit. I shouldn't have wasted those points on apples when I could have eaten a "Skinny Cow" instead.

S4 to S3: I hate you for making me do this.

S3: It gets better, I promise, but it's unpleasant until the end.

S1 on my answering machine: I'm just calling to say that I'm hungry.

You know, there is actually nothing more encouraging than knowing everyone else is miserable too.


Evil HR Lady said...

S3: What I think is really depressing is my 5 year old is eating more than I am.

And S1 should have eaten 1 skinny cow ice cream sandwich (2 pts) and an apple!

S1 said...

Yes, well S1 just ate three chocolate chip cookies. And a banana.

Oliver said...

It will never get easier.


At least it never has for me.