Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dumb And Dumber

Bruce sent me this link in response to my welcoming message to poor Zuma Nesta. I must say, I haven't been able to do anything but shake my head. These children should be taken away by Child Protective Services. Honestly, if you can't give your child a respectable name, can you really be trusted to raise that child to be a functioning adult? (Not that these people are raising their children - isn't that what nannies are for?) A big hurrah for the judge who ordered the name change for the unfortunate "Talula Does The Hula". It's too bad he didn't also order a change in parental unit.

Also in the way of dumb and dumber news, how about Angel Matos from Cuba, who in a display of stupidity of Olympic proportions, kicked a referee in the face when he disagreed with his call.

Wow, some people are just too dumb to be believed.


foculbrown said...

You just want to have some people thrown out of the gene pool because of their stupidity.

On a sillier note, when I saw the picture of what Matos did, all I could think of was the song "Boot to the Head."

Megan B said...

I went to that link. I gotta say that I hadn't heard of 95% of those craaaaaazy celebrity children names. They are terrible!!