Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Michael absolutely loves to be chased, especially by the Tickle Monster.


The Wolford Pack (Jen) said...

Okay, so maybe I don't have to comment about this since I'm just going to email or call you about it anyway. :) Seeing this video makes me want to come take a look at your wall colors seeing how it's the same I want for my new walls...I think. When can I come over? :)

I love hearing little kids laugh uncontrollably! Adam loves the tickle finger. Does Michael ever try to tickle you back? Adam thinks it’s funny to tickle me all over. Last night he tried tickling my forehead and wondered why I wasn’t laughing.

fiona said...

I love how excited he is! We do a lot of monster-ing around here, it's so fun to watch them get all worked up. There's nothing like seeing these little guys in action to make me realize how BIG they are getting! He is super cute!

mean aunt said...

Bonnie I just think your house is so beautiful.

Oh, and the kid is cute, too :)

Oliver said...

When Clara woke up this morning she immediately went into the office and started patting the chair in front of the computer. (Her way of telling us to go somewhere.) We watched the videos of Michael and Clara on our blog then came and watched this one. After the video finished, she pointed at the screen and made a noise, as if to say, "Play it again."

We watched it seven times. A huge smile on her face each time.