Saturday, August 30, 2008

God Bless Disposable Diapers

I always knew disposable diapers were heaven-sent. This article is just proof of that. The funny thing is I read it right after I read an article about the many virtues of cloth diapers.

All I can say is given the option of folding up a poopy diaper and throwing it in the trash, or swirling it in the toilet and washing it myself, well, is there really a choice? Seriously?

I think disposable diapers are the reason I was born when I was. That and indoor plumbing. And modern anesthesia. And antibiotics. And eyeglasses. Not to mention I would have dropped dead on the border of Nauvoo. Okay, I never would have made it to Nauvoo. My ancestors would have had to leave me in Palmyra.

I'm such a wimp. But it's soooo comfortable being a wimp.


fiona said...

First, that article just made me shudder -- yikes! Definitely a miracle. Second, HAHAHAHAHA!!! You crack me up.

Megan B said...

You know, I always feel a little guilty about filling the landfills with our diapers... but not guilty enough!!!