Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Has Unsprung

Friday was gorgeous - mid-seventies, sunny. The barbecue was just aching to be fired up. Unfortunately, I was just aching. And my pre-heated lap was holding three whiny, feverish children.

Saturday I felt like I might be up for a walk. Mother Nature ruined my temporary burst of energy by making it rainy and windy outside. We threw some chicken on the grill to spite her nasty attitude, but I might as well have eaten rice cakes and lettuce for all the pleasure it gave me, since this virus has effectively obliterated my sense of taste and smell.

Sunday morning we woke to a thick white blanket of snow. Snow. In April. I'm ready to pack up and move to Phoenix.

Luckily, it was a lazy sort of weekend since we could all sit around in our pajamas and watch General Conference . My goal was to get absolutely nothing out of it (I try to have realistic expectations) and I very nearly succeeded, what with all the screaming and whining and nose-blowing. But then, I've been recalling bits and pieces from the conference all day today. Apparently I learn fairly well by osmosis.

Midway through the Sunday afternoon session we sent Michael outside in the middle of a hail storm to jump on the trampoline. Because what could be more fun than jumping on the trampoline and making thousands of tiny ice balls bounce in the air? Besides, he needed to get out of the house or he was going to burst something.

Last night Matthew's fever returned for the fifth day in a row. And not wanting her brother to be the only hot stuff in the house, Leah walked for the first time!

Leah Walking! from Bonnie on Vimeo.

After the kids went to bed, David and I were cold enough that we had to turn the fireplace on. In April. A-P-R-I-L.

Spring, why have you failed me so?


Aaron said...

Awesome! (Leah that is... not the weather)
It was a bit cold here all weekend but today it skyrocketed up to 80 degrees. Sorry!

Cath said...

I love how giggly she is! Awesome. Your world is about to get better (despite what everyone wants to tell you!) And yes, the snow has got to go!!

As for the arm pits, I'm with you. That anatomical region is called the underarm for a reason.

Bonnie said...

Seriously, Catherine, what is up with everyone saying walking is a bad thing? Half the world's population told me I was doomed when the babies started crawling, but I had been cheering them on for months. I couldn't wait for them to crawl! It made my life 100% easier not to have to carry them everywhere. I can only believe the same will be true for walking.