Monday, April 18, 2011

By the Numbers

Number of days so far this month: 18
Number of sick days this month: 14
Number of sick days last month: 6
Total number of sick days: 20
Number of sick days where someone had a fever: 17
Number of doctor visits: 2
Number of ear infections: 4
Number of antibiotic prescriptions: 3
Number of goopy eyes: 8
Bottles of infant ibuprofen we've cruised through: 2; just opened a third
Number of boxes of tissue we've sneezed through: 2.5
Number of times I've wished for more arms: 367
Number of hours of tv we've watched: I plead the fifth.
Number of times a baby has pooped in the tub in the last 12 months: 0 (I know, it must be some sort of record!)
Number of times a baby has pooped in the tub in the last two weeks: 5 (ah, there it is, the catch-up)
Number of times it has snowed this month: 5
Number of times I've cursed Mother Nature: 16
Number of homes we are building: 1 (what did you think I was going to say, two?)
Number of times we've met our sales consultant at the design center: 5
Number of times our sales consultant has forgotten the key to the design center: 2
Number of times I've thought about taking up swearing directed at said sales consultant: 2
Number of times our babies have run out of patience while we pick out lighting and counter tops: 893
Number of parents the babies prefer when they have run out of patience: 1
Number of times I've tried to convince the babies their father is available for comfort: 86
Number of months till our home is built: 6
Number of Krispy Kreme donuts we bought Friday night after a particularly stressful run at the design center: 12
Number of Krispy Kreme donuts left Saturday morning: 5
Number of donuts Michael took one lick of and threw in the trash: 1
Number of donuts I noticed Michael threw in the trash before I emptied the vacuum canister in the same garbage can: 0
Number of diets that have just taken a flying leap off the wagon: 2
Number of times I've been tempted to eat oreos for breakfast: 6 (as long as I'm off the wagon...)
Number of times I've cursed myself for actually buying the oreos: 6
Number of times I've been disturbed that oreos do not contain milk: 6 (ugh, make that seven. I just shuddered again).
Number of times this knowledge has stopped me from eating them: 0
Number of children who just woke up: 3
Number of children giggling at each other from their cribs: 2
Number of reasons I love having twins: a million
Number of reasons I love that the twins have an older brother: a million and one
Number of reasons I have to quit blogging now: see above


Cath said...

Bonnie - I love everything about this post! Except your sick days. Geesh! The arms needed, the giggling twins in cribs, the reason you have to quite blogging. You always make me laugh. And wha? You're building??! Hurrah. Please tell me it's close(r) to us!?

fiona said...

No milk in oreos? What!? Sigh. Oh well. I hope everyone's immune systems realize they've used up all their days off for the year (at least). Y'all deserve a break. And yay for the new house!

Sara said...

Yay for a new house (I always love how you hide announcements in lists).

And I am so sorry about the sickness and the snow. And the fact that Oreos do not contain milk. Because they should.