Thursday, April 23, 2009

We Interrupt This Blog for a Commercial Message

After years of half-heartedly contemplating teeth whitening, my not-so-pearly whites had finally reached a state of such yellowness that I decided it was worth it to fork over the big bucks for Crest White Strips. I wasn't expecting them to work miracles, but I figured any improvement was better than nothing.

Well, they totally work! I have only been using them for three days and already the improvement has been so drastic that I can't seem to stop smiling at myself in the mirror. I still have seven days to go, but I am already 100% satisfied with the results.

So if you've ever contemplated buying them, run out and get some today.

Best $35 I ever spent!


Sara said...

Oooh - you've just convinced me. Well, after the baby comes, of course. I've wondered about and pondered their efficacy as well and now ... I'm saving $35 to buy some this fall! :)

fiona said...

I totally want whiter teeth! I've half-heartedly thought about the various methods, so thanks for this endorsement. I'm gonna order some now!

overlyactive said...

OK we need some before and after pictures! =)

Rizley Family said...

Yes, I have used them too and totally love em.

Megan B said...

WOW. SOOOoooooo good to know. Justin has asked for them for years, but I thought they'd be a waste of money.