Friday, April 3, 2009

My Little Sweetheart

I buttered Michael up for two full days of toddler torture (i.e., General Conference) by taking him to Jumpin' Jacks this afternoon and then an indoor swimming pool this evening. What fun! He was sufficiently worn out by the end of the night that he actually sat and cuddled with me before bed, though he did manage to regain enough energy to climb up the ladder to the top bunk and take a flying leap onto his pillow.

He is such a fun and sweet little boy. Here is some conversational proof:

Today, while trying to switch his carseat from one car to the other, he was standing right behind my legs. I bumped into him, and said, startled, "Michael!" He immediately responded, "I sorry, Mommy."

Then on the same carseat switch I bumped my head and Michael instantly asked, "You okay, Mommy?" Awww, my little knight in soggy pull-ups. (This is a phrase I hear quite often, any time he thinks I may have hurt myself).

He is quick to apologize and quick to say "thank you". If you hand him something he will thank you by name. And if he asks for anything there is always a please involved.

Prayers are extra cute, and he has started praying for every person he can think of, including several blessings for Daddy, home, and work. And speaking of Daddy, when he talks to David at the end of the day he will say, without any prompting, "I love you, Daddy! I miss you!"

Last night he earned himself a time-out for purposely knocking over my water glass (out of boredom - he can't seem to find it within himself to just leave the table when he's had enough. It must be written into his boy DNA to make a departing mess). As soon as I retrieved him from his corner he said, "I sorry water, Mommy." And then we cuddled and hugged, and all was well with the world.

It's true that sometimes the twos are terrible, but the rest of the time there is really nothing better. Especially when that "two" has a smile like this one:


Megan B said...

Oh, so mischeivously sweet! I woke up Crew laughing out loud at "my knight in soggy pullups."

fiona said...

What a sweetie! I love little boys. I want Bran to stay two forever so he will always snuggle me and suck his little thumb. Yes, I love little girls, too, but Nuala exhibits far more "terrible two" tendencies than Bran. But the sweet moments are well worth it. I love the pic of Michael, he's such a handsome little guy! Seriously, where did our babies go??

Amy said...

I loved this post!! I don't see how anyone could resist that huge grin on that adorable face of his! I bet it's so rewarding to see him practicing the good things that he's been taught, like his prayers. What a sweet guy you have, Bonnie!