Sunday, April 5, 2009

Are You A Fan?

Facebook is a strange place. Not only is it full of people who say they are too busy to get anything done except regularly update their status, it is full of die-hard fans. Of everything. And anything. And all that's in between.

For example, you can become a fan of cuddling, or dipping fries in a Frosty, or of Sesame Street or apples or even smoking. Some of these fan pages, like the one for cuddling, confuse me. I mean, I would say I'm a fan of cuddling with my husband or son, but not so much with the person whose armpit is in my face on the subway or the dog that won't stop licking my foot. It seems like there should be a clarification as to whom or what is being cuddled before I would classify myself as being a fan of such activity.

Some people are fans of nothing but cringe-inducing TMI, like those who have declared themselves fond of French Kissing or the missionary position (not to be confused with those who are fans of missionaries in general). Yuck! No one wants to know that much about you. Honestly. Especially not the nice little old lady down the street who signed up for Facebook at the urging of her grandchildren and will be shocked out of her Georgia-bred skin at the mere mention of such indelicacies.

And then there are important figures whose fan base I can understand, but that seem a little irreverent to me, like "Jesus Christ - become a fan!" Well, obviously I am grateful for my savior, but it seems a bit crass to minimize that level of respect and reverence to "I {heart} God". Of course I feel the same way about much of modern Christianity - too much lovey dovey and not enough reverence or awe.

Certainly there are things I like, but if I am going to announce my deep and abiding love for something it had better be good. Like Wegmans, for example. Or Ann Taylor Loft. Or those adorable miniature binder clips that are so cute they give kittens a run for their money.

I guess we all have our oddities.


overlyactive said...

I just ignore all the invites to become a fan or join this cause. I'm sorry but, yes to me it's annoying!

Rizley Family said...

Haha, I love the shout out to binder clips.

Sara said...

Here's the interesting thing for me - people clearly don't think about who is reading those pages and what info they get from someone when they say they are a fan of such-and-such. Like I need to let the entire world know every little thing about me.

Although, from the administrator of a fan page (for the nonprofit for which I work), I can tell you - those that have an actual cause behind it really get amazing traction and results from those crazies. :)

I also heart Wegmans. And a few other goofy things. But there must be a reason for it.

mean aunt said...

What are these cute binder clips of which you speak? Link please.