Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Birthday, David!

Every year on April 8th at 12 a.m., I call David at work to wish him a Happy Birthday. What is he always doing at work on this day at this ungodly hour, you ask? Well, that is the sad lot of a tax accountant whose birthday happens to fall in the no-man's-land that leads up to April 15th.

This year his day will be made all the more special by the fact that I am 2,000 miles away, enjoying a relaxing vacation with my family, while he is diligently slaving at work. Poor guy. He really is a prince among men.

So in honor of his stunning bravery and stamina in slaying dragons for me, you must now endure this corny list of things I love about him (in no particular order, of course, because who wants to spend time obsessing over which things are slightly more lovable than others?):

1. I love that he is such a kind, thoughtful husband.
2. I love that he is willing to go to work every day to support our family, and makes sure all of our needs are met.
3. I love that he is such a great daddy and delights in spending time with his little boy.
4. I love that he finds ways to surprise me.
5. I love that he sometimes makes phone calls for me because he knows how much I despise making them myself.
6. I love that he helps me around the house, even when he has been busy at work all day and deserves nothing more than to put up his feet and relax.
7. I love that he takes such pleasure in little things like walks and popcorn.
8. I love the way he looks in a suit.
9. I love that he doesn't complain, even when I leave my stuff out on the bathroom counter for the 97,456th time.
10. I love that he has such a strong testimony of the Savior and is by my side at church every week.
11. I love the thoughtful little things he does, like letting me sleep while he showers.
12. I love that he is a faithful, worthy priesthood holder.
13. I love the way he beams when he sees his son stacking toys in the proper boxes or in a neat pile ("That's my boy!" he'll say.)
14. I love that I can truly say I have absolutely no complaints about him.
15. I love that he is so concerned about others and is always volunteering to serve.
16. I love that he keeps our family on track with scripture reading.
17. I love that he never speaks unkindly about me to anyone.
18. I love the way his face crinkles when he grins.
19. I love that I can always depend on him and never have to worry about where he is or what he is up to.
20. I love that he is supportive of my interests and encourages me to better myself.
21. I love that he will give me a back rub every time I ask for one.
22. I love that he eats what I make for dinner without complaint and always says "thank you".
23. I love that he is like a kid on Christmas whenever he gets excited about something.
24. I love that he is organized and plans ahead.
25. I love that he puts such care and effort into his friendships.
26. I love that he is way more concerned about me than he is about himself.
27. I love that he somehow manages to keep from rolling his eyes while reading my blog.
28. I love that he makes me laugh.
29. I love that he makes marriage fun and rewarding.
30. I love that he gets more and more likable every day.
31. I love that making this list was so easy because he is such a great person.

Happy Birthday, David! I love you!


Rob and Erin said...

Bonnie, that was sooo nice to read! David is an awesome guy :0) Happy Birthday, David! You two are perfect for each other! Michael is a lucky little boy.

MyDonkeySix said...

Happy Birthday David!

That's funny about the phone call thing because Marshall will do the same for me on calls I really hate. We're so blessed!

fiona said...

Happy Birthday, David! Good list, Bonnie, you do have a great guy there! :)

Rizley Family said...

Three cheers for David! Hip hip Hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! We love you David and wish we could be there to share some popcorn and a fun game with you.

Sara said...

Happy Birthday David!

"I love that he sometimes makes phone calls for me because he knows how much I despise making them myself."

I'm the same way - I hate making phone calls, Himself often gets to bear the brunt of that task as well!

Megan B said...

Happy birthday, super Overly!

Julia said...

Happy Birthday David! You are definitely as wonderful as Bonnie's list!

Aliene said...

Happy Birthday David. This is my first comment thanks to Devin and Heather. Maybe I'll do more. What a great day.

overlyactive said...

Belated B-day Wishes David!
I hope you got Devin's phone message on your b-day. We did think of you.
Love from all of us!