Thursday, February 7, 2013

Why You Should Visit Sea World in the Winter

The first reason is because the weather here in Inversion Land is horrible.  We haven't seen our lawn since Christmas and I feel like we're a bunch of popcorn kernels swimming in an oil bath, just waiting for someone to explode.  That someone will probably be me.  (Confession:  I might have said a bad word yesterday when I was trying to make a batch of forty-step chocolate chip mini cupcakes involving cookie dough and cookie dough filling and cookie dough frosting for David to take to work (it's busy season - they all need sugar) and my "helpers" were all in full Hinder Mode.  By the time everyone had been shooed off the counter for the millionth time, someone spilled the powdered sugar, someone pinched someone else, Matthew fell off a bar stool, and Leah took a swig of vanilla when my back was turned, I cracked).

But I digress...

The second reason is that, in the summer, Sea World has as many as 30,000 visitors a day.  On a sunny day in January, they have about 3,000.  It was like having the place to ourselves.  We even had our own personal tour guides:


The lights were on in the penguin exhibit (if you go in the summer they keep it dark to simulate their natural environment), and we didn't have to fight anybody for a chance to see the sharks or pet the velvety bat rays:

Or the sea stars:

Plus, we could stay safely out of the "Splash Zone" for the animal shows without having to line up an hour beforehand.

The only problem is now I want my own bat ray.

Do you think I could keep it in the bathtub?


Stephanie Black said...

Bonnie, your description of cooking with your children made me laugh like crazy. Was Leah shocked at how nasty the vanilla tasted?

Cameron and Nonie said...

Sounds like we need to ditch the cold and go find spring and some grandparents so we can enjoy it. Hang in there...