Monday, August 24, 2009

Word Associations

You know those people who cause one specific word to pop into your head every time you think of them? For example, when I think of Nelly Furtado I immediately think "nasal". Honestly, if I sang through my nose as much as she does I'd have chronic sinus trouble.

So, yesterday I found it slightly amusing as I passed by Susan Sarandon on my way to church (my first bona fide celebrity sighting, if you can believe it) and immediately thought "bug-eyed". Call me shallow, but I just don't think it is attractive the way her eyeballs bulge from her head.

It's funny the words I associate with other things as well. If someone said "elevator" most people would probably respond with something logical like "hotel" or "work", but me, I'd say, "pee". Hopefully that's just a temporary New York thing though. The true surprise is when an elevator doesn't smell like pee. That's always a welcome change.

Even Michael gets in on the word game. If anyone ever mentions his daddy, Michael says "work" - the sad truth of tax season. Any time David leaves the house for any reason Michael pipes up, "Daddy's going to work." Poor kid. October 15th is less than two months away, Michael.

Of course, his mom-related word associations at the moment consist of "sleepy", "head hurts" and "doesn't feel good". And any time I leave the room he says, "Mommy's going potty."

Frankly, it is a pretty accurate summary of our lives at the moment - Dad goes to work and Mom goes potty all day.

Yes, we are just that exciting. You might even say Overlys = exciting. Or boring. One of the two.

Take your pick.

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singingrae said...

BONNIE! Are you kidding me???? Congrats on your BABIES! AHHHH...I'm so excited for you.
Ok, I'll stop shouting now and ask, How on earth did I miss that?? Where is the big blog post saying, hey everyone, I'm pregnant with 2 babies? Hmmm...
Anyway, many many many congrats. When are you due?