Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We Have a Winner!

David surprised us by coming home in time for dinner last night. We celebrated by ordering pizza and shoving a quick Family Home Evening in the narrow time-slot between dinner and Michael's bedtime. This consisted of about ten minutes of watching Michael run himself into a sweaty oblivion, leaping off couches and demanding, "Watch me, Daddy!", a quick song, and a thirty second lesson on baptism, since Michael was too caught up in the forthcoming hide and seek activity to hold still and look at pictures of Jesus.

So we played a few rounds until Michael went off to hide by himself and David and I went into his bedroom to count. When we shut the door we discovered a doorknob-sized hole in the wall, the obvious result of a broken doorstop and a tantrum-throwing little boy, who shall remain nameless. Sigh.

So we ended the hide and seek game and decided to draw a name out of a bowl for our "Life as an Adverb" book giveaway instead. Michael was tasked with pulling a name since he is the most impartial judge, seeing as he can't read and therefore can't cheat.

And the winner is... Deonne! Congratulations! (I'll email you shortly).

Michael enjoyed choosing a winner so much he continued to draw out names and "read" them. ("This one says 'Clara'," he would say).

Thanks to everyone who participated!


Amy said...

Congrats, Deonne!

Deonne said...

Yeah!!!! Can I pick it up next month in New York City (must be said in the Pace's Salsa commercial accent).

Catherine said...

What a statement of our modern work-week. A surprise that David came home for dinner? I had to laugh. We can sadly relate. It would be a heart-stopper for us if Doug came home for dinner this week! Sounds like things are going well your way. Sure love your blog Bonnie.