Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Announcement

I have had a lot of confused comments from people wondering how they missed the announcement that we are expecting twins. Well, it was rather sneaky of me, I admit. The news is tucked at the end of this post.

(In case you are just catching on, surprise! We are having twins!)

I am due in February, but look about 5 or 6 months pregnant. Seriously. It's a little scary. I may need a crane to haul me around at the end.

Anyway, we are thrilled about our coming additions! Michael is still blissfully unaware of how much his life is going to change, but we are having him practice being soft with his "baby" - a singing gloworm. The gloworm still gets thrown and stomped on pretty much every day, but give us a few more months and we just might be able to convince him to at least support its neck while he holds it upside down.

But, in spite of his wild boy ways, the first thing he did with the gloworm when we gave it to him was hug it and give it a kiss. So maybe he's ready to be a big brother after all.


Anonymous said...

Yes that was a very sneaky previous announcement! Very sly! Wow twins how exciting! Congrats! PS Answer to where we got Ruby's bed - good ol' Pottery Barn Kids. Gotta love em!

singingrae said...

Ah-ha! Thanks for spelling it out for me. :) I'm so very very very excited for you. :)
Neat, neat, neat!
(And, I always read to the end of your always have very clever conclusions.)

Catherine said...

Bonnie - I've been watching your blog for a while now wondering when you would mention your big news! Doug and I are SO thrilled for you!!! Twins! It's completely wonderful. Definitely the way to go! (Planned or unplanned). We should have girl or boy duds to pass on to you (unless you have one of each!) So be sure to keep us posted.

If you want to catch a glimpse of the madness that awaits you, watch our blog. I changed 24 diapers in a 24 hour period yesterday. The boys are 3 months now and that number is down from the initial 40 diapers I changed in a day (including the girls who are still not potty-trained. They're still 2 and I refuse to train them until they BEG for big girl underwear!) Happy Happy News! Congrats!!! We love and miss you guys!