Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh, the Irony

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has started an online petition to express outrage over Rush Limbaugh's recent comments that he wants President Obama to "fail".

Oh for heaven's sake, people, get over yourselves. I'm sure you were not spending any time wringing your hands over the fact that the entire Democratic party wanted President Bush to fail. What's the difference now, except that a different man is in office?

And since when do you care what Rush Limbaugh says? Anyone who wants President Obama to fail is an idiot. And idiots are best ignored.


Ben said...

Yes, the dems need to get over themselves. And yes, its totally ironic that they are up in arms over Rush's comments. That's what the dems are good at: getting involved in private citizens' business. But hold on there . . . I would contend the point that "anyone who wants President Obama to fail is an idiot." Are you familiar with the CONTEXT in which Rush said "I want him to fail"? Rush has gladly explained what he meant by this (I'm paraphrasing, but pretty close): " . . . if Obama seeks to follow through with his leftist, socialist agenda then, yes, I want him to fail, because I know that these policies will not help America be great; they will hurt America. I don't want Obama to fail; I want the country to succeed! I want Obama's policies to fail."

I know this is your blog, but I must say this: anyone who understands that true conservative principles are the only way to save this country would benefit by listening to Rush, not by ignoring him. Rush is about as far from an idiot as it gets. He does a great service to our country by keeping his listeners informed. All those on the Hill who are trying to pass this wacko "stimulus bill" are the idiots.

Forgive me, I think I way overstepped my bounds on this comment . . .

Bonnie said...

Ben, you didn't overstep your bounds! I love hearing other opinions.

I was basing my post strictly on the article I read, which made no mention that Rush's comments were about Obama's policies and not the president himself. I profoundly disagree with many of Obama's policies and hope they don't take hold (and think it's dangerous for our country if they do succeed), but I don't want the President to fail in his job, which is what the quote in the article sounded like Rush wanted.

I'm not saying no one should listen to Rush at all. I agree with a lot of things he says, but, I must say that sometimes he really is an idiot. And these people would be better off ignoring him when he acts like an idiot and doing something useful with their time instead of working themselves in a tizzy and circulating a useless petition.

Thanks for the comment. You should comment more! :)

Ben said...

Ahh, I understand you better now. I agree: if they think he's an idiot, can't they find something better to do with their time?