Monday, November 10, 2008

An Organic Experience

David and I went on a grocery store quest this weekend. While we have a store right across the street, it happens to be a Whole Foods (which I just can't visit without rolling my eyes... perhaps it's that crunchy granola feel underfoot). I mean, no regular cereals or fruit snacks or any other human food? How will I survive a year without junk? Scratch that. How will I survive a year without regular food?

You know why they put "organic" on food labels, don't you? It's so you will buy the product again, because frankly, no one in their right mind would buy the tasteless stuff again unless it was somehow "better". And what could be better and more virtuous than buying organic, saving the planet, stopping global warming, and going pesticide-free? I'll tell you what - buying food that is actually edible.

Putting aside the fact that scientific studies have yet to show any significant benefit resulting from the consumption of organic food, or to show any definite link between pesticide and fertilizer use and any detrimental effects on humans, (for an interesting article from Time Magazine click here) I just wouldn't want to eat most organic foods because they are yucky. Plain and simple. Call me a food snob if you will, but I want my food to taste good. And I don't want to pay a premium to know that my lettuce was grown on a cute little farm in upstate New York where the bugs are allowed to roam freely.

It seems going organic is the only remaining virtue these days. Well, I'm happy to miss that boat.

Now pass me those processed potato chips.


foculbrown said...

"Organic" labels are also used to charge more. I don't know about the rest of you, but I can't get through the day without my Recommended Daily Allowance of pesticides, fertilizers and growth hormones.

Sara said...

Have you tried organic dairy/meats? There is a noticeble (better) difference in taste. Though I can't afford organic meats. I do like organic dairy.

Oliver said...

Kristin hates soy milk (which many consider dirty hippy milk), while I love the stuff.

I've had one organic product that was worth it: organic ice cream bars. They were made with cane sugar instead of corn syrup. Oooh, they were amazing!

Heather said...

I agree with Sara, we have our milk delivered and can taste a noticeable difference in the taste. Love, love it!