Friday, November 14, 2008

Definition of News

According to my simple news formula, the following would be considered news:

Biological Male Is Pregnant!

On the other hand, this statement would not be considered news:

Biological Female Is Pregnant!

And yet, Barbara Walters and her ilk insist on making the latter statement news. You see, earlier this year a pregnant "man", i.e., a biological female with intact female reproductive system who decided to live her life as a "man", gave birth. This exciting development made international headlines.

I can see why. I mean, someone who was born a girl and still has all the girly parts can give birth? Wow! Stop the presses!

Why do I bring this up? Well, it turns out that this "man" is pregnant again and due in June. And Barbara Walters is currently promoting her special "What Is A Man, What Is A Woman? Journey of a Pregnant Man" featuring this woman. Excuse me, um, "man". (Sorry, but I just can't write it without the quotation marks. I have too much sarcasm floating around in my head to leave them out).

I'd ask what "news" we can look forward to next, but frankly, I just don't want to know.


Oliver said...

Hmmm. This seems to me like another form of political correctness. Trying to redefine something and make it acceptable by giving it a new name.

Sara said...

What gets me is that "he" is married. To a woman.

I'm all sorts of confused here. Good grief.

Oliver said...

Not related to pregnant "men", but Clara wanted to see pictures of Michael this morning and kept saying, "Ba-ba, Ba-ba, Ba-ba." She's getting excited for a week from Wednesday!