Thursday, November 13, 2008

Maybe I Should Have Brought More

I read this morning that Mariah Carey required twenty pieces of luggage for a three day jaunt to England. Before I ask the obvious question, let me show you what we brought along for our one year stay in NYC:

Now for a shot of what we left behind:

And now for the obvious question: How in the world does one fill twenty suitcases for a three day trip? Is that a choice of fifteen outfits for each day? A suitcase full of money? Three suitcases worth of shoe choices?

And more importantly, don't these people feel completely ridiculous? I mean, just how much stuff does one need to survive?

Oh, snap! I forgot my suitcase full of handbags!


The Wolford Pack (Jen) said...

You make me laugh everyday! Where does this amazing wit come from?

Julia said...

Don't you know it takes eight suitcases just to fit her ego? Ten of the rest of the suitcases are to fit her stupidity.

Oliver said...

It's no wonder you and Kristin get along so well: You are beyond a packing minimalist.

It is so funny how Kristin always repacks my bags and takes out 70% of what I put in.

Two weeks?

Anonymous said...

19 of the bags were full of double-sided tape to keep her clothes (sort of) on.

Sara said...

Oh good grief! And here I sit in a hotel room in Florida having brought a laptop bag (for obvious reasons) and one small carry on duffel (emphasis on "small") for a 4-day trip.

And I'm even planning on wearing completely clean clothes each day!