Monday, February 7, 2011

The World According to Michael

It's been a long time since I posted. I've been busy taking care of my brother and sister and trying to conquer Donkey Kong. It is super hard. I keep trying to get my mom to help me but she says it makes her dizzy, so she doesn't like to play. I'm not sure what the problem is with being dizzy. I love that feeling. Especially when the ceiling starts spinning!

Life is pretty good here in Utah, but I miss Virginia. I keep asking my mom when we are going to move back. She says we aren't, but the way she says it I can tell she's kind of sad about it. I miss Samara and my other friends. I'm going to marry Samara when she is a mom and I am a dad. (EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, we do have daily conversations about the fact that parenthood comes after marriage). And then I can have my own babies and I'll get to be the boss of me. Then I can stay up late and I won't have to do anything I don't want to do. I'm really excited to be a grown-up so I only have to do things I want to do. Last night Mom was sweeping the floor and she mumbled something about how she was sick of cleaning up food. I said, "Then don't clean it up, Mom." Duh. I mean, it's not like anyone is making her do it. It is so weird that she likes to clean so much. She is always doing it. I think sweeping must be her favorite thing, she does it about 90 times every day. She doesn't like to mop, though. She only does that when our feet start sticking to the floor.

I am four years old now, and that means I get four of everything. Or so I tell my mom. She says this might be a fine philosophy for now, but it could prove problematic when I turn 55. I'm not sure what "problematic" means, but honestly, what could be bad about having 55 cookies for dessert? That sounds like fun!

I love being a big brother! It is really fun now that the babies can follow me everywhere. I like Leah the best, but Matthew is pretty fun, too. I like to make them laugh, but I don't like it when they cry. When Matthew starts screaming I tell Mom we need a baby-calm-down-inator. She says that is a great idea, and that I should invent one. I'm working on something with my legos and train tracks, but no breakthroughs yet.

Mom says I'm a really good helper, and I like to make her happy by throwing away dirty diapers without her asking me to. Sometimes when I do something that really surprises her she gets this sappy look on her face and gives me a big hug or lets me put coins in my jar. When she does something good I make sure to tell her I'm so proud of her, too. Especially when she does something good on Super Mario. She is really good at that game.

Mom says she doesn't understand me sometimes. I'm not sure why. When I told her I wanted her to play a game with me because my feet were cold she looked very confused, as if it didn't make sense. It's the same look she gives me when I say I need a snack because I'm tired. Just what is so confusing about that?

Well, I've got to go because Mom says it's time for her to take a shower, and she lets me play with her phone while she takes a shower. It rocks! Angry Birds, here I come!

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fiona said...

Can Michael post more often? I mean, I greatly enjoy your posts, Bonnie, but he's quite entertaining, too... ;)

N&B are big-time into the four-of-everything rule. They just don't like that they have to have a FOUR minute time-out now. Sorry kids! Take the good with the bad! I like to use the age thing sometimes, too, like at M&M time...

Michael is a sweetie. I wish we could hang out and get to know your kiddos in person. Sigh. So, do y'all watch Phineas and Ferb much? What with the "baby-calm-down-INATOR?"

(by the way, maybe having the kids stuck to the floor isn't that bad of an idea... just a thought... ;)