Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Let's Talk About Sex

Because what could be more fun than discussing sex on a blog I know my mother-in-law reads?

I kid, I kid. (Incidentally, I don't think my in-laws knew I had a sense of humor until about a year ago).

Really, I'm just looking to increase my comments. Things have been rather depressing in that department lately, and what gets people more worked up than talking about sex? (Wait, I know this one. There was this time I wrote about vaccinations and discovered that half of my friends suffer from acute vaccine paranoia. That was enlightening).

Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh yes. Sex.

It appears that, when it comes to this most intimate of activities, people have completely lost their minds.

I know this because of people like "Confused," who wrote in to Ask Amy for advice:

Dear Amy:

My first real relationship was when I was 18.

The relationship got serious quickly, but I still made him wait several months before sleeping with him.

Now I'm 22 and on the brink of a new relationship.

I'm wondering, is it a sign of immaturity if I make a guy wait a longer time than the couple of dates they're used to waiting now?

I know it's all about "when I feel ready," but do men find it respectable when a girl makes them wait, or does it seem as if she's taking a relationship too seriously and therefore acting immature about it?

— Confused


Let me see if I've got this straight; by this logic, having indiscriminate sex with some guy you just met in a bar = mature. But getting to know a man before letting him get to know what's in your pants = taking a relationship too seriously.

I'm sorry, but what in the world?!

This is something I will never understand about today's attitudes toward sex. How did we ever get to a point where a woman would take her clothes off for a man she's barely met (particularly because of some warped desire to be thought of as mature or respectable)? How did we get to thinking that sex is nothing more than a meaningless exchange of bodily fluids, completely detached from love or emotion? For heaven's sake, sex is an activity that is well-known to result in things like babies (tethering two people together for life, whether they like or not) and infectious (even fatal) diseases. And, yet, a woman is willing to hop into bed with someone she wouldn't even trust to wash his hands after using the restroom, just so he won't think she is immature?


I guess this is what happens when we take the most meaningful things and make them meaningless:

We start looking for meaning in all the wrong places.


Aubrey said...

I love love love your blog. It's my favorite and I look forward to every update.

This post, specifically, is right on.

Stephanie Black said...

That is so incredibly sad to see how cheap this most sacred, intimate relationship has become. There's so much confusion out there--and so much resultant misery.

MyDonkeySix said...

Talk about backwards. And people think our way of thinking now is so superior and intelligent. We may have progressed in science and medicine, but we have degressed when it comes to morals. So messed up!

Oliver said...


Educate yourselves.

Maintain healthy skepticism of new research.

Give science time to work things out.

We haven't figured out food science after how many years? I've lost track if butter is bad, or margarine is good, or if I should just be injecting heavy cream into my veins.

Wait. That actually sounds like fun!

Great post, Bonnie. Profaning the sacred. That's what it is.

fiona said...

Spot on. Ugh -- here it's sooo normal for married men to have mistresses. I mean, I know people do that everywhere, but it's out in the open here... no attempts to be discrete. My friend discovered text messages between her hubby and his girlfriend last year and divorced him only because he was plotting to get my friend's grandmother's inheritance from her. She couldn't care less about him having a gf. Though now she took him back, but that's a whole 'nother thing. My other friend (a church member) is propositioned ALL the time by married men she's trying to sell insurance to. Sex is nothing... It's crazy.

Also, as someone who apparently suffers from "acute vaccine paranoia" (*eye roll*) since I'm a supporter of staggered vaccinations (though ironically I've only delayed/staggered a couple for N&B, none yet for M -- well until now), I thought I'd warn you that Maeve is approaching 13-months and has yet to receive her 12-month shots (gasp!) since she was exposed to varicella, so you may want to avoid us wackos for a while... oh, wait... that's not a problem... you're safe from us! For now... bwahahahahaaaa!

Megan B ♥ said...

You blog makes me laugh. And believE me, I really really need a laugh right now. I am in my bed on Justin s iPad feeling like crap.. But you managed to bring a smile and a streppy giggle. Thanks. :)