Monday, September 7, 2009

Halloween Blues

David and I have a habit of overbooking the month of October every year. Some of it is our fault and some of it isn't, but I have been "determined" to go to a corn maze every year for the last 6 years, and it has never happened. We always have visitors or travel or something that makes it impossible to find our way through a dried-out corn field and then sit down and candy apples or carve pumpkins for an afternoon.

This year is no different - busy season ends October 15th, we move back to Virginia that weekend, and then David and I are jetting off on vacation immediately after. I am looking forward to all of this immensely except one tiny little thing:

We will miss the entire Halloween season. I love Halloween and look forward to it all year. This year my decorations won't even see the light of day, and it's not like I can meander around Target on a daily basis for the first half of the month to soak in the smell of costumes and candy corn. It also means no Halloween party this year, which I am very sad about. I have tried and tried to finagle my calendar to make it work, but no such luck. The only way a party would work is to throw it in November. (Which begs the question, on a scale of 1 to 10, how lame is it to throw a Halloween party in November? Okay, okay, I already know the answer).

And we will have to send Michael trick-or-treating without us, for the second year in a row. (It's part of our campaign to win "Parents of the Year").

Oh, well, I suppose giving up Halloween is a small price to pay for a totally awesome second honeymoon. And maybe this means I can justify throwing that Christmas party I've always wanted to have...

But most of all I just hate to deprive our friends the privilege of seeing David dressed up like this:

Granny at her very best, don't you think?


Amy said...

HaHaHaHa!!! Was that his own idea or did you have to bribe? Too funny!
So sad about no Halloween party...I love the memories and pics from our lucky invite to your awesome '07 party. Nobody throws a party like you, Bonnie!

Oliver said...

How about a Thanksgiving party?

Julia said...

We'll play Halloweengo in your honor.

Cameron and Nonie Gay said...

Your halloween parties are the best. Next year, come home and we'll have one at my house. Oh, and tell your hubby he looks darling.

fiona said...

Aww, that is sad! You love Halloween! Your parties were always so awesome. David was such a sweet little granny, haha! :)

But, yes, I suppose a second honeymoon is worth it!

Sara said...

I'd pay money to go on a second honeymoon - if I had the time/sitter to do it. *sigh*

I'm currently trying to get OUT of celebrating Halloween this year.

I could arrange a trade, if you'd like. But it would involve two impossibly cute little girls. :)