Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How to Ruin a Child

I've known many parents who give their kids way too much stuff - too many toys and gifts - but I've never heard of someone as ridiculous as Alison Mackay, who has been lavishing designer clothes and toys on her daughter, Brogan, since the now-eleven-year-old came home from the hospital (from whence she departed in Baby Dior, of course).

Among the items this spoiled-rotten tween receives on a regular basis are the latest designer handbags and shoes. Says her mother, "She has 35 pairs of designer shoes and because her feet are still growing, sometimes she only wears them once before they’re too small. When I see the bin-liners full of shoes, ready to take to the charity shop, I do think 'What a waste.'"

And yet, Alison Mackay can't help herself: "I can’t go into a shop without buying Brogan something. She enjoys being pampered because it makes her feel grown up."

Well, of course she enjoys being pampered. What child doesn't? But that doesn't mean it is wise to cater to her every whim.

You might be thinking that perhaps Brogan's parents just have more money than sense, but they are not rich at all. In fact, they spend half of their £30,000 annual income on Brogan. Yes, you read that right. HALF of their income goes to pampering this girl (who actually has a very unpampered little sister, if you can believe it. But her mother brushes the unfairness issue aside, saying that youngest child, Carys, has no interest in designer clothes). You'd think the father might be a little annoyed by this, but no. According to Alison, "Stephen doesn’t mind and just says 'Oh let her have it.' We have no savings, but he believes in living for the day."

In addition to all the clothes, shoes, handbags, and designer dolls (£400 apiece!), Brogan's parents give her a credit card with up to £400 a month so she can "learn the value of money". I'm sorry, but it is impossible to learn the value of money when someone just hands you a wad of cash without requiring anything of you. Brogan doesn't even have to iron her own clothes because Alison is "frightened to let her near the iron in case she burns herself". Yeah, that would be the worst thing that could happen to this girl. (Her ironing is done professionally, once a week).

"I try to tell her that money doesn’t grown on trees," says Alison. "A friend of hers recently got a job doing a paper round and I suggested to Brogan she might like to do the same, but she just said 'No chance'."

Well, of course she doesn't want to work! Who would want to work with this type of upbringing? When Mum and Dad bring everything to you on a silver platter, why should you lift your royal little fingers to help yourself? There's no need!

Brogan is going to grow up to be a pathetic adult who couldn't help herself if her life depended on it. And, while Mrs. Mackay might worry about that every now and then, she has no one to blame but herself.

After all, she is the one who created this monster.


The Davis Clan said...

Wow the least she could do is give her younger daughter the hand me downs instead of sending them off to charity. And of course the older daughter is more interested in fashion, the mother has been shoving down her throat since she was born. I am sure if the other daughter recieved the same attention she would welcome it. These parents are doing a disservice to both of their children.

Stephanie Black said...

That's just sad. How do you get so mixed up?

Megan B said...

This child is ruined for life. They have set her up for utter failure. Honestly, when someone's parenting is that out of whack, there is nothing you can say to help them understand the damage they are doing. Sad, sad.

Sara said...

That just makes me ill and utterly speechless.