Monday, July 20, 2009

Random Thoughts

How is it that you can look in a mirror and think you look pretty good, but when you look at a photograph of yourself you suddenly realize what disgustingly fat arms you have?

When did "healthy" become "healthful"? Is there a difference? Or is one just meant to sound more organic and snooty?

Can't hot dog and hot dog bun manufacturers coordinate so there are the same number of hot dogs and buns in packages?

The combination of rice and two-year-olds is why you should never have carpet under the dining room table.

I am finally starting to realize that I should stop assuming all adults will behave like adults. It seems some people can never get past child mode.

How does anyone survive without kitchen shears? Honestly.

It's too bad we no longer have that societal politeness that would require a gentleman to give up his seat if someone else were in need. Now we just have laws about seats on trains and buses being made available for disabled persons and all the seated men ignore me when I get on a train with a two-year-old on my hip.

You know you've been eating too much cereal for dinner when you have a cupboard full of plates and forks and not a single bowl or spoon that is clean.

What is it about a freshly made bed that encourages a kid to mess it up?

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Rizley Family said...

Yes, we have the cereal problem at our house. I feel I am constantly running the dishwasher when it isn't all the way full because we are out of spoons and bowls!