Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring! (Or Why I Haven't Been Blogging)

Spring is finally here... in Southern Utah, that is. It is so nice to be able to step outside without a jacket (let alone a coat and mittens and the million other things that winter necessitates). We are soaking up every minute of sunshine. Michael is thrilled to have been let out of his wintry cage. He is ramped up on cousin fun (and possibly amphetamines - I'm certain he's got to have a stash somewhere). He keeps dragging me outside to run around and play in the dirt. It's odd - we don't really have dirt in New York City. Disgusting filth, yes, but dirt? No.

The flight West was, well, a flight with a two-year old. Need I say more? The in-flight entertainment consisted of one giant exploding diaper and no change of pants, one drink spillage, one airport-purchased salad without a fork (an emergency utensil wasn't even procurable, as the flight attendants spent most of the flight in their seats due to turbulence), one Ipod malfunction causing a sobbing fit for "Einsteins!", and one forty-five minute nap for the two-year old, resulting in one heck of a kinked neck for the not-so-two-year-old. Michael, the little stinker, did not even fall asleep on the drive from the airport, arriving at our destination bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 3 a.m. his time. It took nearly another hour after arriving for him to wind down enough to fall asleep.

We spent a fun few days with Oliver and Kristin while Michael and Clara rekindled their relationship (alternately fighting, screaming with delight, loving and hitting each other). Kristin and I pretty much talked non-stop for three days. I'm quite sure we could set the Guinness World Record for chatting if only the official timing guy wouldn't keep falling asleep. I would post some pictures of our two little lovebirds, but I didn't take any as I was too busy conversing (and it would have required me to set down my horde of chocolate-covered cinnamon bears).

We are now enjoying Grandma and Granddad. It took Michael about thirty seconds to decide that Grandma is much more fun than mom, and he won't even let me get him out of his car seat ("No! Grandma do it!") He is loving the yard, the dozens of new toys, and the bunk bed in the basement. He is also fascinated by the peacock that roams about the neighborhood, running after it and yelling "Bird!" (No one knows where it came from, it just wanders about the neighborhood and is so beautiful that no one seems to want to call animal control. So strange).

So we are having fun. I'm am still in shock over being able to buy a gallon of milk for $1.49 and grapes for $1.29/lb. I even drove a car today, and actually remembered which pedal was the gas and everything. It seems I am still fit for suburban life, city girl though I may be. I mean, cereal for $2? Who knew that was still possible?


Sara said...

I love going "home" to visit - regardless of where I'm living. There is something about settling back into a life that was so comfortable, like a cocoon.

Megan B said...

I'm so glad you are able to visit with your family. And I'm sending you good wishes for the trip home with that same two-year-old :)

overlyactive said...

We are happy we will be able to see you while you are in Utah. See you soon!!
I need to get some blogging tips from you when we are down at Mom and Dad O's.