Sunday, March 1, 2009

Morning at the Museum

Saturday morning seemed like a great time to head to the Museum of Natural History. This is fast becoming one of my favorites, for the simple reason that nearly everything is behind glass and thus indestructible by small wild children. I don't even have to bother with a stroller, because, unlike The Met, Michael can roam free without my having to fear his desecrating a Pharaoh's sarcophagus and cursing our family for generations to come.

The museum is equally as fun for Michael as it is for us. He has developed somewhat of a fascination with dinosaurs since we started going and shrieks "Ohnosaur!" with each new set of bones he sees, running happily from one fossil to the next. Throw in a couple of penguins, some monkeys and a blue whale, and he is in animal heaven.

I have a sudden urge to add "Night at the Museum" to my Netflix queue.

And speaking of movies, at this very moment there is a show filming on the rooftop directly across the street from us. David is fervently wishing he had binoculars so he could get a better view.

Of course, David did get a great, inside view today of an apartment that used to be occupied by none other than Tom Cruise during his "Risky Business" days. He helped a fellow ward member moved into the hunky nutcase's former digs this afternoon. (Inexplicably, David came home with an overwhelming urge to dance around in his underwear...)

There's no place like New York.

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