Friday, March 1, 2013

A Tale of Two Cuties

Matthew and Leah's favorite primary song at the moment is called "I Love to See the Temple".  They walk around singing it together throughout the day -- wherever we are -- which means renditions have been performed at full volume in grocery stores and Target (though I did manage to convince them they must whisper if they wanted to sing at the library).

Most of the time, they sing the correct words:  "I love to see the temple.  I'm going there someday, to feel the holy spirit, to listen and to pray..."  Nice, right?

Ever since we came back from Disneyland, these sweet, spiritual renditions became mixed with, "I love to see the Disneyland, I'm going there someday..."

I Love to See the Temple: Babylonian Version.

But seriously, does it make me a bad mother if I can't wait until they sing the wrong words in primary?  Because I sort of think it's adorable.

Also adorable?  The fact that they spent yesterday's yearly doctor visit trying to reassure each other that there was nothing to worry about:  "It's not scary, [the blood pressure cuff] is just going to give your arm a hug!" and "It's okay, she just wants to see if there is a duck in your ear!"  And, as a bonus, they made me look good when the doctor asked them what they had for lunch.  "Strawberries!" Matthew said enthusiastically.

"Carrots!" added Leah.

"What a healthy lunch you had!" said the doctor, approvingly.

Meanwhile, I found a mysterious spot on the ceiling and began whistling innocently.  (In reality they had grilled cheese sandwiches and cups of milk, but I didn't feel like jumping in to say, "Actually, I'm a terrible mother and I didn't feed them any fruit or vegetables!"  Besides, they had strawberries at lunch the day before, and their snack that morning had consisted entirely of fruit).

Then, when the visit was over, Leah turned to Matthew and said, "Do you want to hold my hand, Matthew?"    And they did, all the way to the car.

Twins are the cutest thing ever.

Everyone should have a set.

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Amy McConkie said...

Such cuties! I agree. I'm so thankful for my twins. They just have something no one else has. It is tender and sweet.