Monday, August 13, 2012

True Love

They haven't lived near each other in four years, but apparently absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

Of course they went from these (totally unposed) pictures to Clara sobbing in the kitchen after Michael told her he wouldn't marry her.

"Michael, I think Clara is worried you don't love her now," I said.

"I DO love her.  I'm just not going to MARRY her!"

Ah, spoken like a five-year-old boy.  (Which is good, seeing as he is, you know, a five-year-old boy). 

But keep dreaming the dream, Clara.  A pre-birth betrothal is a strong thing. 

Besides, both of you would have totally awesome in-laws.


Kris said...

That reminds me of my niece Olivia and her brother Owen when they came to visit. Olivia had spent a lot of time with her other cousin, Gavin, when she was here. While we were driving she loudly announced, "Aunt Kissie, I don't want to marry Gavin." To which I replied, "Livvy we don't marry our cousins so you won't have to marry Gavin." "Oh" she said, "Ok. I guess I'll just marry Owen then."


Oliver said...

Exceptionally AMAZING in-laws.