Monday, December 19, 2011

Sabbath Observances

Yesterday at church David and I experienced a miracle - both toddlers fell asleep on our laps without having to be taken out of sacrament meeting once.  Unfortunately, motherhood has completely obliterated my ability to pay attention to anything unless it is in short spurts and involves snacks, so even with two sleeping toddlers, I couldn't focus.

My eyes wandered to my right, where a tween girl was playing the dot game with her younger sister.  They got into an argument which culminated in a loud outburst from the younger girl.  Her mother used the Deathly Mom Whisper in her ear while I smiled inwardly at the scene.  I don't know what the mother said, but it must have been along the lines of "Be quiet and apologize," because two minutes later the guilty girl handed her big sis a sheet of notebook paper that said, "I'm sorry.  Will you forgive me?"  At the bottom were two empty boxes with instructions to "Check YES or NO."

A bit later I glanced over again and the two girls were playing Hangman.  The younger girl was just solving her big sister's puzzle, which turned out to say, "I don't like my sister.  She is annoying."

Ha!  So much for forgiveness.


fiona said...

Hahaha! This really had me laughing! Kinda quietly, because Z is studying beside me, but I keep glancing at him, hoping he looks up so I can interrupt him somewhat guilt-free and share this... hehehehee... The hangman thing...

Also, I totally relate to not being able to focus, even when the kiddos are quiet/not there. Maybe one day our attention spans will regenerate.

mathmom said...

Ha ha! This makes me laugh.