Friday, June 17, 2011

TGI... Oh, Nevermind

David's flight was supposed to be getting in, um, right now. Instead he is terminally stuck on a plane at the Newark airport while some minor repair is being made.

Darn it, I could have procrastinated doing the dishes a little bit longer. Though, I admit, there is something soothing about listening to the woosh of the dishwasher while I type. Kids in bed. House clean. No fevers. (Did I mention my babies have had fevers on and off for the past week? I didn't? Must have slipped my mind after the flour incident. Also, I discovered two molars poking through Matthew's gums tonight, which would explain why he has been super-glued to my legs all week).

I feel rather tetchy and irritable. So I bought myself a smiley face balloon at the dollar store to counteract my general crankiness. Also, I keep looking at this picture (we have a nest of baby birds in our backyard) hoping it will cheer me up, because I can't help smiling every time I look at the little fluff balls.

Awww, see? It's like getting an IV of warm fuzzies.

All I need is some chocolate and I'll be set.

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fiona said...

Awwww, I want to pet them! But I won't, mostly because I'm too far away, but also because I'd hate to make the momma bird reject them.